Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center

  • Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery
  • Women’s Only Detox and Residential Treatment Center
  • Intervention & Free Family Counseling
  • 12 Step and Non-Traditional Programs
  • Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment
  • Aftercare Services
  • Insurance Accepted

Dedicated Professionals Helping with Recovery Treatment

Newport Beach Recovery Center provides alcoholic and drug addicted females a safe place to find sobriety.

We believe that the gender specific recovery process is most beneficial to them.

With social model components, client’s success will be based on their ability to abstain from drug and alcohol use while receiving treatment in addition to providing them with an understanding of the disease of addiction and alcoholism.

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Located on Newport Beach's Balboa Peninsula, one block from beach, where it's 75 almost daily

Our Mission Statement

Newport Beach Recovery Center is dedicated to helping women live sober and healthy lives.  We want to assist you in a course correction for your life that will refresh and renew your future.  We strive to replace old behaviors with positive reframing to include an action plan for recovery.  We incorporate a value based life philosophy that becomes the basis for an attitude of action leading to a higher quality of life.  We provide a supportive environment for you to learn life skills and regain your maximum cognitive function.

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97% success rate medical model.  Speak to someone today.


Medications available for detox and early sobriety support.


Individualized treatment planning with 6 Detox/Rehab clients and 3 extended care clients.

Social Living

One block from beach and pier. Ten daily 12 Step meetings in Newport Beach.