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Helping People into Treatment

Steps for Intervention


Step 1 – Call our hotline at (855) 213-3869

Call our private and confidential hotline. One of our consultants will assess your crisis and will determine the appropriateness of an intervention.


Step 2 – Placement with Interventionist

Upon clinical assessment of your individual needs, you will be matched with an appropriate interventionist.


Step 3 – Outline Treatment Options

The interventionist will outline specific treatment options according to your unique needs (location, clinical matters, medical coverage, etc.).   Once we have determined the appropriate outlet, our team will take care of admissions details and necessary travel arrangements.


Step 4 – Outline a Plan of Action

Through a series of one-on-one meetings and/or telephone conversations, your interventionist will guide you and others involved through the process of organizing a professionally facilitated, effective intervention.


Step 5 – Pre-Intervention Meeting

This meeting takes place over the telephone prior to the intervention and then reviewed just before the intervention begins. The counselor will have a conference with the participants of the intervention. During the meeting we talk about the disease of addiction and its impact on the family, friends, co-workers and others. We discuss what the treatment course and recovery process will involve and, finally, under the guidance of your interventionist, we will prepare and rehearse written statements to share with your loved one during the intervention.


Step 6 – Intervention

Your interventionist will fly or drive to your location. The intervention is typically scheduled in the morning following a review of the pre-intervention meeting.  The interventionist will stay as long as needed to conclude the intervention. An intervention is a structured, solution-focused process that consists of a group of close friends, family members, co-workers, colleagues, spiritual advisers, etc. who come together in a caring and non-judgmental manner to present their observations and concerns regarding the addict’s behavior. The interventionist uses the disciplines of psychology, social work and drug and alcohol counseling to successfully complete the intervention.


Step 7 – Treatment Admissions

When the individual accepts help, she is immediately escorted to the appropriate treatment outlet. Your interventionist will work with the treatment staff in regards to the clinical information gained during the intervention process so that the treatment staff can get a jump-start on the assessment planning process.