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A Typical Day may look like this:

  • Wake up and Make Your Bed
  • Breakfast then Shower
  • Group Therapy
  • Optional Individual Therapy
  • Physical Excercise
  • Lunch
  • Daily Reflections
  • Process / Education Groups
  • Journaling / Therapeutic Art Work
  • Dinner
  • Personal Time
  • Optional 12 Step Meetings
  • Group Relaxation Time

Where Sobriety can be Achieved and Serenity Can Take Hold

Once the detox period is complete, patients can choose to leave and come back for outpatient treatment or stay for inpatient treatment. For most patients, an inpatient rehab program that continues past the detox period provides them with the best chance for success.

Just because the worst of the physical symptoms brought on by the detox period have abated, that does not mean withdrawal is necessarily complete or that the person does not still want to abuse the drug. It’s believed that drugs typically leave the system within 3 to 7 days. However some experts believe that the drugs don’t entirely leave a body for several months. These traces can tempt the person to use again. If a person has the benefit of the support and supervision a rehab program provides when withdrawal symptoms return, she will be in a safe place where these symptoms can be treated.

A benefit of inpatient rehab is that a person who has successfully completed detox is not immediately thrust back into the outside world and their old life without support. If the person escaped reality with drugs, then being plunged back into reality without the escapist benefits of drugs can make real life seem even worse than it did before, and lead the person back to drug use. Inpatient rehab programs teach clients to live drug free.

Newport Beach Recovery Center offers its clients short and long term rehab options. Insurance coverage for rehab varies based on your provider. We will work with you and your insurance company to minimize your out of pocket expense.