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Helping Women Safely Detox from Drugs & Alcohol in Orange County.


Newport Beach Recovery Center is on a mission to help women recover from drug & alcohol addiction in a safe place away from the triggers of everyday life.

Over 23 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol according to a 2015 national survey, although many experts put that number at closer to 40 million. When a person is suffering from a drug or alcohol problem, it can be very difficult to actually get help before the disease progresses to dangerous levels. Treatment has been shown to be the most successful when a full continuum of care is provided, meaning from detox to outpatient, which is why Newport Beach Recovery Center offers just that.

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  • The staff is caring and the house is very comfortable.  I would and I have actually recommended NBRC to other alcoholics and addicts.  My stay has been comfortable and filled with help and learning tools to keep me sober and clean.  They have really helped me tremendously and I can’t thank them enough!

    NBRC Alumni
  • I cannot imagine that my detox would’ve gone as smoothly as it did if I went somewhere else.  The staff and clients here are amazing, helpful, caring and attentive.  I instantly felt at home when I arrived and quite frankly, did not want to leave.

    NBRC Alumni
  • Amazing!  Had a very good experience. Never had been through detox and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Felt very safe and comfortable through the process even though it was a tough process.

    NBRC Alumni
  • The staff made me feel safe and supported.  I believe I can make it this time.  Everyone is truly caring.  I couldn’t have asked or hoped for a better detox.

    NBRC Alumni
  • I can’t thank this place enough.  I wouldn’t be clean if I didn’t come here. You always caught me when I fell and for that, I am forever thankful.

    NBRC Alumni
  • I am very grateful that NBRC changed my life.  Beautiful location, very Zen and peaceful.  Everyone got along (not what I expected).  Just an amazing place.

    NBRC Alumni
  • Never been to a treatment center – was surprised to receive such one-on-one care.

    NBRC Alumni
  • I was taken care of with more love and support than I would have ever expected.

    NBRC Alumni
  • I’ve learned more about the Big Book here than any actual treatment program I’ve been to – amazing concept.  Thanks for caring about my sobriety.

    NBRC Alumni
  • I felt truly cared for under the watch of NBRC.  Thank you to all!

    NBRC Alumni
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